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KSBM InfoTech Offer Education Application Development Services in India

Every organization needs education and training, no matter if it is for academics or companies. However, the best IT companies should handle applications for the development and training industries.

KSBM InfoTech Private Limited is the company that supports the growth of the training and education company. Application development is essential for your organization’s long-term success in this highly competitive market.

Kunal Arora
Operations manager

Importance of Education and Training Application Development Company

Reduce the Education and Talent Gap: Your education and training organization must hire the best coaches and reach the people who are most in need of the training. The training and education developers at KSBM can help you achieve the cornerstone that transcends all barriers.

Performance improvement: After reaching your audience, your company will offer them your experience on the digital platform. Your company must meet all requirements.

KSBM is a leading education and training developer who can help you meet the exact needs of your audience.

Technological Upgrade: Training and education development companies need to upgrade to offer the most critical aspect of their services. KSBM is a leading company with a track record of success and is certified by organizations.

KSBM’s professional team is available to help you with your case studies and provide strategies.

Our e-Learning solution allows learners to access content anywhere and anytime. We are building convenient and easy to understand education application to give seamless flow of education. 

What will you get?


One-stop solution to track and manage your business in real-time

  1. You can supervise all tutors and students from one platform
  2. Get clear insight on the number of classes conducted and revenue generated. Get clear insights on the number of classes held and revenue generated
  3. One panel allows you to manage offers and promotions for courses
  4. Get a bird’s eye view of all payment transactions


# Your tutors can manage all students and payments from one platform.

# you can connect all classes from one platform

# You can track the progress of assignments and exams from one panel

# Students can communicate with one another via audio/video calling or real-time chat

# You can effectively manage all payments


# Your students can manage their classes/courses with a personalized app

# you can manage all the systems in an efficient manner

# You can track the progress of your assignment/class in real-time

# Keep up to date with advanced push notifications

# Chat or audio/video calling allows you to connect with teachers immediately

KSBM InfoTech E-Learning Solutions

# AR/VR-Based Education Apps

AR & VR based solutions can create a unique learning experience

# On-Demand E-learning App

Your students can book tutors, classes, and home tutors from anywhere.

# AI-Based Education Apps

You can personalize the teaching experience by creating an AI-based e-learning platform.

# Portals for E-Learning

Our e-solutions allow you to create an online portal for schools or academies.

In this changing technology world, you will get best and smooth mobile Education application. It will help to enhance your teaching at every corner of the globe. 

KSBM InfoTech is marking the scale with high quality ranking with lifetime support to their application building process.