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Video Streaming Mobile App Development

Best Video Streaming Mobile App Development

KSBM InfoTech is following the rules to be trendy. Our Premium Tech-Savvy application will help you kick-start your Video streaming app development. We are progressively working for our clients and making them happy for their success. 

Our Clients are satisfied and make your work more seamless, and this will gain more attention in the reaching success path.

Kunal Arora
Operations manager

Building A Video Streaming Application in India

A Multidimensional Video Streaming app allows users to make the streaming more likely. You will gain the foremost application that reaches to the best of the brand credibility. 

Our Video Streaming App Development Process

Business Vision: Necessary to consolidate all the business factors required for making an application. 

Functional Specifications: The primary step that circulates the live processing of specifications. 

App Design: Making it attractive to gain the customer’s attention quickly. You will get to know more about it and gain the relevant factors. 

Development: Development as per the personified attention is necessary that used to be done by us. 

Testing: Testing is necessary to show how the app is working or any other factor or hurdle to work upon it. 

Setup and Launch: Set back to launch your app that is best to formulate among the target audience. 

Create a Live Streaming Mobile Application with Outstanding Features

  • Video sharing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Online viewing
  • Comment & Share
  • Profile of a Personal User
  • Online Player
  • In-app video storage
  • Search for content
  • On-Demand Video

Expand & Explore Your Streaming Business with Video Streaming App Development

  1. Admin Panel

The admin can view overall revenue, schedule a show and manage existing shows within your video streaming app development

  1. Subscribe

Create a video streaming app that allows owners to see updates and reminds them about the upcoming subscription fees of users.

  1. Blocking screenshots

As the top video streaming app company, we will assist you in protecting your content and allowing users not to violate it.

  1. Coupons & Promotions

You can offer users a free trial or discount by creating coupons.

  1. Encoding & Transcoding

This feature will protect your data, and your content will only play on the video streaming app.

  1. Analytics & Report

Monitoring users’ preferences, time spent and clicks on ads can be done with video streaming app development solutions.

  1. Monetize Your App

Create a video streaming app, and make money with ads & charging commissions

  1. Push Notifications

Push Notifications allow you to keep your users informed with live streaming app development.

Advantages of Video Streaming Mobile App Development with KSBM InfoTech

Seamless Running App

Our video streaming app is fast to load, ensuring an enjoyable user experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Our video streaming app development services include a user-friendly, intuitive and responsive interface to allow users to navigate within the app.

Feature-Rich App

We provide all the advanced features of the video streaming app development solutions.

App’s Quality-Testing

To ensure quality, apps are tested on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Smart TV.

Outreach Support

Multi-currency support is integrated into your video streaming app to allow users to pay according to their convenience and preference.

Lifetime Maintenance

We offer support services after your video streaming app goes live.


KSBM InfoTech Increase Traffic with Their Live Video Streaming Application Service

Another way to improve the user experience is by increasing traffic to your website and app. You can do this through paid advertising, but if you want organic success, you should consider creating a video stream instead. 

Creating videos is easier than ever, and the results can often be higher quality than other forms of content marketing. 

In addition, streaming technology is becoming more popular and stable with every year that passes. This means that many people are starting to use them over traditional channels.

Grab The Opportunity to gain more attention now join hands and grab the top ranking. 

We have a team of experts who are competent in their work. They have assisted us in ensuring that we develop efficient and effective mobile applications.

24*7 Customer Service

Our customer service team is for you 24/7. It is possible to send your question to them any time you’d like to.

On-Time Delivery

We have an extremely efficient team, and they can finish the projects in time to meet the deadline.

No Loss of Data

We guarantee that your personal and private data is disclosed to anyone else.

Flexible Price Range

We provide a wide range of prices that can change according to the needs of our clients.

Scalable Apps

Our team creates highly scalable apps to allow our clients to expand features later on when they’d like to.

User-Friendly Development

Our mobile applications are simple to use and pleasing enough. They are developed to offer you the most optimal user experience whenever you need it.

Concluding Satisfactory Journey of OTT App Development Company in India